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Ace Air Pro 400 S

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Dometic Ace AIR Pro 400 S

With its timeless style, expansive 3.25 m depth and integrated inflatable canopy, you’ll be the envy of the touring park wherever you pitch up. Large full-height windows and skylights offer beautiful views during the day and a starry vista at night.

The patented AIR Frame technology in Dometic inflatable awnings will transform your touring experience. Conventional steel and fibreglass poles are now replaced with interlinking AIR Poles which enables you to inflate the entire awning from a single inflation point. The AIR Frame is always attached to the awning for quick and easy setup while also being extremely durable and able to flex in the wind, negating the chance of steel/fibreglass poles breaking and damaging your caravan. Each awning is supplied with a Downdraught hand pump. The AIR Frame functions best when inflated to 9 psi but has been tested to withstand up to 22 psi.


QuickPitch™ Guying System
Simply peg the bottom strap taut and retention using the top buckle
DUAL-PITCH™ Roof System
Designed to effectively shed rainwater and deflect wind in adverse conditions while fitting closer to the vehicle side
Attach up to 3 SABRELINK™ lights to the front and centre AIR Poles with the ability to turn on/off and adjust brightness remotely
Pre-punched holes ready to attach awning rear wall to vehicle using Limpet Fix technology
Tested to 200L/m2 per hour to ensure you are kept dry
Constructed with 400g/m2 PVC material making it waterproof, long-lasting and easy to clean
UPF rating of 50, meaning only 1/50th of UV rays pass through the material, protecting you and helping you to stay cool
Air Frame Construction
Any of the quick release deflation valves located at the base of each leg will deflate the awning completely
With Single Point Inflation, all AIR Poles are linked together, meaning the entire awning can be inflated from a single inflation point
Incredibly durable, each AIR Pole is made of a TPU inflation tube inside of a reinforced oxford polyester cover, encased in a heavy-duty polyester sleeve
Multi-Height System
Simply unzip gusseted awning side panels, peg awning down to fine tune fitment then close external zips to hide excess material
Dual 5.5 mm and 7 mm keder fitted as standard, allowing a seamless connection to both caravan awning rails and motorhome cassette awnings
Ground-breaking keder connection enables the same awning to be used on a variety of leisure vehicles and allows easier pitching on uneven ground

Width: 400cm
Depth: 325cm
Height: 235cm - 265cm
Weight: 22 kg

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